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Work Well Hypnosis, LLC is owned by certified hypnotists David Ruby and Gina Lippold-Ruby.

Our mission is to deliver programs to organizations to reduce employee stress and improve employee wellness. In turn, the organization will reap the benefits of having a more relaxed, mindful, engaged, and healthier workforce.

We also welcome individual client sessions to change habits, thought patterns, and enhance personal lives. Sessions are scheduled in their office in downtown Oshkosh, Wisconsin or virtually.

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Work Well Hypnosis is the Stress and Anxiety Slayer (S.A.A.S.). Work Well Hypnosis offers programs to organizations to address work stress and anxious feelings among employees. Watch the domino effect of S.A.A.S. as employee engagement, attendance, and productivity increase!

Employee Wellness benefits

Whether your organization is looking to increase employee engagement and conquer attendance problems, or increase employee satisfaction by offering a new benefit, Work Well Hypnosis has your needs covered. Explore a smoking cessation or weight/health management program for your employees.

Individual Hypnosis Services

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